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March 27, 2016
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“We needed a special mortgage that the bank could not provide. We wanted to purchase a home for our son, (who is on a disability) move him in, and then prepare and sell the home we owned, which he was currently living in. We were referred to Bev by our Realtor Marianne Gehl. We really were not certain what to expect. The banks said “No” to our request and we were not sure that what we wanted was even possible. Bev was very approachable and easy to work with. She listened to our problem and worked hard to find the right source of financing for our situation. Bev found us someone to finance the home from the purchase date until the closing of the original home. Then the ‘real’ mortgage was set into place at a great rate with very good repayment options. We were really pleased with the service. You can trust Bev to come through for you.”
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Kitchener, Ontario
“I’ve referred several friends to Bev, because she makes a difficult, confusing and complicated process much easier. Bev is an expert and is experienced in her business, so I trust her advice. Bev takes the time to understand my unique situation, and my unique needs and presents options that can work for me. She’s a great sounding board as I think through my options – she can help me weigh out the options, so I can make the best decision that will work for me and my family. I’ve purchased three homes with her and I wouldn’t make another home purchase without Bev.”
S. DePriest
Kitchener, Ontario
“We’re a young couple (24 & 25) purchasing our first home and the bank was very difficult to work with. A co-worker referred us to Bev, who made things so simple, straightforward and effective. Bev’s services are extraordinary and she is also extremely friendly. Will we refer Bev Gay? 100% yes!”
Ben & Kathryn Grant
Cambridge, Ontario
“Our friends who had previously worked with Bev referred us for our first home purchase. We weren’t experienced in this area and didn’t want to make a mistake. Bev was so helpful in guiding us through the process of getting our first mortgage. She also got us a better rate than what we found on our own. Her warm and genuine personality inspired trust. This was important for us; we had a good experience and were pleased with the result.”
Erik Skensved
Waterloo, Ontario
“If you’re like us, we were hesitant to use a broker in the beginning because we really didn’t know much about it. The service from Bev is nothing short of outstanding. She is a very driven broker who will go above-and-beyond wherever possible, but she also isn’t afraid to tell you the reality of a situation either. It makes for a very trustworthy relationship from our experiences. Bev guides us through the process, taking a lot of stress out of an otherwise cumbersome process – an example being our most recent situation, building a second story addition to our home because we didn’t want to move out of our neighbourhood that we love. She made our vision a reality. Over the years we’ve built a very strong relationship in which we can trust her to listen to us, educate us, provide options that tailor to us (some of which I can guarantee other banks/brokers simply wouldn’t think of), and finally move in the best direction for our family. She acts in your best interests. Something that isn’t easy to find these days.”
Matt Fagel
Kitchener, Ontario
“Bev’s service was above and beyond; a wonderful experience for a first time home buyer. Everyone should know how easy it is to work with Bev to obtain a mortgage. The number one thing that stands out is that she was always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. A friend referred me to Bev and I would absolutely recommend her services.”
Jordan Andrew Campbell
Waterloo, Ontario
“We used Bev upon a recommendation from a family friend who has known Bev for years. We needed a Mortgage Broker to purchase our first home. From the first meeting with us in our apartment Bev made us feel comfortable with the new home purchasing process. She laid out our options in a very clear manner and answered all of our questions. She made even the simplest questions we had important in the process. When we decided to purchase privately Bev did not deter us but gave us a realistic perspective that it would be a lot of work – and it was! Bev got the best interest rate for us and was very clear about our obligations as first home buyers coming into the market. We would highly recommend Bev to anyone wishing to purchase a home as her warm, knowledgeable and honest professionalism is not easy to find these days.‎”
Wendy and Juan-Carlos Gomez
Kitchener, Ontario
“My husband (then fiancé) and I bought a new home together, that was to be built and ready in the following year when we were getting married. We were referred to Bev – she is an honest and professional broker to work with. We felt comfortable asking questions, especially since there have been government/legislative changes since the last time I bought a home. Bev answered our many questions in an upfront manner so we understood how the process worked and what our options were. The closing date was moved a few times and Bev was able to assist us with securing the rates and looking for the best mortgage provider for us. She provided excellent personalized service that was much more than we expected. I will definitely use her services in the future.”
Elizabeth Neumann
“Bev is an amazing person – and so very personable. She is very knowledgeable about mortgages and to top that off, she made us feel like we were her only clients. When someone makes you feel like you are the most important person, it just solidifies the excellent service already provided. She cares deeply about the people she works for. My wife and I needed a new mortgage and I tell everyone I know about her services, without hesitation.”
John Klassen
“I am a 55-year-old, self employed, first time home buyer getting into the market later in life. I had used a mortgage broker before but it was a disaster – poor communication, missed deadlines, etc. I met Bev through a referral group and she handled my re-mortgaging situation. The service and results from Bev were absolutely great! I would certainly recommend Bev; she makes everything easy and painless.”
Neil Hoffman
Kitchener, Ontario
“Bev was referred to us by my brother and sister-in-law who used her for both their home purchases. As first time home buyers we knew it would be easier using Bev’s services rather than going into all the different banks to find out what we were approved for, and interest rates. The service we received from Bev was more than we could have asked for – she made everything so easy to understand in a process that felt so overwhelming when first looking for a home. I think everyone deserves to know that there is someone like Bev out there that is willing to help and make purchasing a home as easy as it should be. If it wasn’t for Bev, I’m sure we wouldn’t have had the same easy experience as we did. She is attentive, knowledgeable and always willing to help. Not once, did we feel as if we were bothering Bev – she always made us feel welcomed with anything we had given her to help us with. Her customer service skills are top notch. Even though Bev is in Waterloo and we are in Brampton, Bev always made every effort to meet with us. She is always willing to drive and be there for her client. I want people to know that distance should not deter them from using Bev. It was the best decision we made.”
Cathy Granata
Brampton, Ontario
“Before meeting Bev at my Chamber of Commerce networking group, I wasn’t even aware that mortgage brokers existed. I was selling a jointly owned house and downsizing to a condo. Bev was so helpful – presenting me with the best options that fit my circumstances. The process was very straightforward and I am very pleased with her service.”
William Kennedy
Stratford, Ontario
“The first time I used Bev’s services I was separating from my husband and needed help figuring out what I could afford when I was looking for a new place to live and what my options were as a single mom. I had a lot going on in my life and couldn’t deal with all of the financial and mortgage information by myself. Bev made me feel very comfortable-helping me figure out a part of life I am not very well versed in. I trusted her completely and she did not let me down. It was a more personal service than what I expected, which is very nice nowadays with everything being about technology. There is a definite lack of personal service that used to exist years ago, but Bev brings that feeling back. The second time I used Bev’s services, my significant other and I were looking for a new house together, and trying to figure out what we could afford, so it was under happier circumstances. But she still had to help us out with advice and wisdom and knowledge after our offer got accepted (we couldn’t have any conditions as there were multiple offers) on a house we loved and we had 2 houses that we owned left to sell. She was very helpful in that stressful time as well. Bev is very personable and knowledgeable and makes you feel like you are very important. She emails you directly and quickly if you ask any questions and she is willing to see you in person whenever you need further explanations about anything. She is very responsive and both times I used her, I was very happy with her services. “
Maureen Stafford
Elmira, Ontario
“We had to re-mortgage and the bank did not negotiate. The bank wanted me to make appointments and they were never on time. I had to take time off work to deal with them. We had always used a bank until we were referred to Bev. We have been dealing with Bev since our late twenties. We are now in our late forties. She has helped us get the best for our rental and home properties. We are now sub dividing a property and she is still there with new and improved options. Dealing with Bev has been a pleasure. She goes out of her way to make sure you have multiple options. If it is not a good idea for you, Bev gives you the straight answer. She always had time to ensure we were satisfied. We’ve been more than happy with her services and wish her the best.”
Butch Boettger
Kitchener, Ontario
“Bev’s service is extremely personal and detailed. She went above and beyond to make sure that I knew the exact process of buying our first time home, and what I could expect at every turn. I felt fully prepared to move forward with buying. Bev had answers to every question I could possibly have come up with, and some I never would have. Her post sale service is also second to none. She has gone so far as to answer emails at all hours even on weekends when I needed info. Bev was far and beyond what I expected “
Matt Lavergne
Kitchener, Ontario
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